2021 Preliminary Tax Bills are Due October 1.

Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills for the first half of fiscal 2021 were mailed in July and are due on Thursday, October 1.

The Tax Collector’s office is closed to the public due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Taxes can be paid by check or money order by US mail, or online through your own bank or through Unibank on the tax collector web page. Payments postmarked on or before October 1 will be considered on-time. If you would like to know that I received your payment, please write your phone number on the remit portion of the bill and I will call you when I get it.

The amount of your tax is determined by the Board of Assessors. If you have questions about the amount of your bill please refer to the back of the bill or contact the Assessors’ office by phone at 413-648-5407 or by email at assessors@townofbernardston.org

If you have questions about payments please contact the collector’s office by phone at 413-648-5410 or email at taxcollector@townofbernardston.org